Smart Business WiFi

Amplespot provides a simple and cost-effective way to deploy business WiFi and use it to create online conversations with offline customers.

Connect with customers and get to know them a little better.

Get customers to share their online contact details with you in exchange for access to your WiFi-exclusive offers.

Businesses collect customer data 5x faster with Amplespot.


Grow business by creating online conversations with in-store customers.

Automatically build marketing audiences from WiFi users and send them to your favorite digital tools. Such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Google AdWords, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Twitter or Text Messaging.

Customers who sign in to Amplespot WiFi visit 65% more often than those who don’t.


Increase online presence with more mentions & reviews.

Tell customers to #hashtag you when sharing their experiences with your brand on social media. Ask customers to leave reviews at just the right time - when they are relaxing on the weekend following store visits.

Merchants have reported up to 20% increases in positive reviews and mentions within 1 month.


Get great business WiFi at the fraction of traditional cost.

Our cloud based service provides a complete solution for both guest and private WiFi, it also integrates with most of traditional corporate hardware vendors.

62% percent of businesses reported that the customers spend more time in their facility if WiFi access is offered. Around 50% of customers spend more money as well.


How it Works

Our goal is to enable businesses to bridge the gap between their offline and online customer communication channels. We believe that WiFi is a great medium for that.

With Amplespot, your customers can access in-store deals and offers by logging into your WiFi with their social account, email or phone number. You can see who they are and instantly send targeted messages to the right customers at the right time - via online customer communication channels you already use. You can send customer details and behaviour information you collect with Amplespot to Facebook and Instagram Adverts, Google AdWords, MailChimp, SMS sender or any other digital communication tool.

We believe that when you ask your customers to use your WiFi it should be a seamless experience, so we've built a complete, cloud-managed WiFi solution for your store, office building, stadium or whatever venue you have. Amplespot WiFi provides way to deploy business and guest WiFi networks of any size via low upfront cost, plug-and-play setup.

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How to start

All you need to start using Amplespot is our free online account and one or more compatible devices such as a router or an access point. Amplespot firmware can run on variety of devices from multiple vendors - big and small. Detailed Features List.

If you don’t have a compatible device or need help getting started - talk to our team. We will either help directly or, if we are not present in your location yet, will put you in touch with our local Certified Partner who will guide you along the way.

Local business? - We can send you a cloud-managed WiFi access point to plug-in. Larger company or already have WiFi? - We'll help you to upgrade or enhance it with Amplespot.