Plans & Pricing

Plans differentiate by cost of expandable features such as WiFi Sessions, Access Points and Zones.
Standard plan comes with 30 days free trial. No credit card required.


Standard Plan


Main Features

Email, Social & Private Logins

Session Management

Presence Analytics

Customer Profile Insights

Automated Marketing Campaigns

Coupon Promotions

1,000 WiFi Sessions *

1 Zone **

3 Access Points

Volume Plan


Main Features


All Standard Features

Discounted Volume Pricing

White Label

Dedicated Support


10,000 WiFi Sessions *

3 Zones **

30 Access Points

No credit card required

Common Questions

What are the WiFi Sessions? *

Sessions are the login events. Every time a visitor connects to your WiFi we create a session. Session bundles are included with every plan and you can buy more sessions if your WiFi gets busier. Buying more sessions does not affect your subscription length.

What are the Zones? **

Zones break up WiFi service into areas by logical or physical location. For example, hotel may create one Zone for lobby and another Zone the rooms. Many reports use Zones as segmentation entity. Multiple Zones may use same SSID (WiFi network) name.

Is there a limit on number of locations?

There is no limit on number of locations there you can use your licenses. You can use Amplespot WiFi in as many locations as you like providing you have enough device licenses for all your Access Points.

What is the Customer Data Enrichment?

Every time new visitor connects to your WiFi we look up their details with variety of identity providers. The result is available to you and may include their other accounts such as social profiles, emails, demographics, interests, home country and more.

What are the Integrations?

Integrations enable you to automatically synchronize data you collect via Amplespot WiFi with other Apps and Services you use. Fox example you can automatically sync your visitor's profiles including their total stay and number of visits with your MailChimp account.

What are the Coupons?

Coupons enable you to create promotional campaigns, which are displayed on WiFi login page and/or emailed to visitors based their profile. This gives you a powerful tool to introduce offers to visitors in exchange to their contact details. For example, store can create coupon campaign that gives everyone who logs in 2% off their purchase on the day of visit.

How am I Charged?

Monthly in advance. Any additional services such as extra access points you add to your account are also charged monthly in advance at the point when they are added.

How long is the Contract?

All contracts are 30 days long. If you are not on trial, you will be charged for any services (plans, access points, zones etc) added to your account during the month you cancelled.

What Support do I get?

Standard support includes 24/7 engineering help via email and chat tools. Advanced support includes telephone support. You can also upgrade to Premium support which carries access to a dedicated engineer and account manager.

What happens if my payment lapses?

We will move you account to our Basic plan which comes with 100 logins per month. This means that customers will be able to login to your WiFi 100 times per month. There is no limit to number of Access Points or Zones.

Need help starting up?

Get in touch over email, chat or phone. We will either help directly or, depending on country or region where installation is required, will put you in touch with our local Partner who will provide installation and ongoing support.

Detailed Features List

All features are avaliable with any plan
Brandable Splash Pages check_box
Custom SSID Names check_box
😇 Emoji SSID Names check_box
Email Logins check_box
Social Logins check_box
Voucher Logins check_box
SMS Logins check_box
Paid WiFi check_box
Dashboard Reports check_box
Customer Acquisition Report check_box
Splash Impressions Report check_box
Recent Logins Report check_box
Active Customers Report check_box
Customer Device Report check_box
Engagement Summary Reports check_box
Social Media Profiling check_box
Demographics Reports check_box
Customer Interests Reports check_box
Language and Origins Reports check_box
New vs Returning Report check_box
Duration of Stay Report check_box
Top/Bottom Customers Report check_box
Individual Customer Profile Cards check_box
Top/Bottom Access Points Report check_box
Top/Bottom Locations Report check_box
Summary Reports by Email check_box
CSV Data Export check_box
Data Retention Unlimited
In-Splash Adverts check_box
Custom Landing Pages check_box
Real time Email & Social Messages check_box
Scheduled Email & Social Messages check_box
Coupons check_box
Trackable Coupons check_box
Coupons API check_box
MailChimp check_box
Google Analytics check_box
Zapier check_box
Facebook Ads check_box
Instagram Ads check_box
FullContact check_box
Amplespot API check_box
Management & Security
Admin Users Unlimited
Session Duration Management check_box
Content Filtering check_box
Device Status Alerts check_box
User & Device Blocking check_box
Remote Health Checks check_box
Automated Firmware Upgrades check_box
Device SSH Access check_box
Remote Logging to Syslog check_box
Documentation Access check_box
Telephone support check_box
White Label
White Label Dashboard check_box
Custom Captive Portal Domain check_box
Custom Dashboard URL check_box
White Label Admin Emails check_box
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