Connect with your customers in real time and build relationships that last

Understand your customers better

Learn who your customers are and where they are coming from

Amplespot provides you with wealth of information collected via your WiFi. Our analytics platform includes real-time customer data and insight. Available to you at any time from both computer and mobile, a vast array of tools will help you analyze and segment your audience.

User demographics and other information such as age, gender, origins, location, length of stay, and total number of visits are just some of the statistics we collect.

Use WiFi as channel to reach to the right customers at the right time

This information enables venues to deploy personalized marketing messages to the right people, at the right time encouraging higher spend and enhancing customer experience.

Increase brand recognition

Branded User Experience

Using personalized landing pages, you can manage every step of the customer's journey, from the first time you meet to the most recent. Different content can be served based on venue, regularity, occasion or location.

Our Splash Designer features lets you completely control presentation of your brand. Upload your logo and other images, customize color theme, insert welcome messages and you are ready to go. It's really that simple.

Any Country, Any Language

All customer-facing content such as Splash pages, Emails, Texts and Coupons can be displayed in a multitude of languages. Amplespot WiFi portal allows you to define every piece of content use sees making it easy to create and maintain pages in languages customers understand best.

Engage via Ads and Coupons

Personal, well-timed Advertising

You can reach your customers at the right time and place by sending emails, texts and coupons straight to their mobile devices. It is possible to create campaigns that engage with customers both on-schedule and in real time. Interactions can be driven by connection profile, location, occasions or visit patterns. Our Portal enables you to create bespoke multichannel marketing campaigns individual to your audience.

Time Limited Coupons

Amplespot Coupons module provides comprehensive set of tools to create and manage multiple coupon (voucher) campaigns at the same time. Coupon campaigns can be made active on schedule, at particular time, place or in accordance to customer profile.

Coupons offerings help to keep customers from leaving if they have to queue as well as provide strong incentive to order while in store.

Prize Draws

You can also create coupon (prize) draws when every certain (for example every 50th) customer receives coupon with a unique or common code which they can claim over the counter.

Family friendly WiFi

Safety and Compliance

Public WiFi comes with the risk that users can potentially access content that is not family friendly. Amplespot has partnered with one of the leading providers, Open DNS, to block inappropriate material.

Open DNS use the Internet Watch Foundation's watch list to block inappropriate material. Other content that isn't family friendly can also be blocked according to category.

Alternatively If you already use content filtering from another supplier you can seamlessly integrate it to Amplespot.

Security and Compliance

Legal and security implications of offering public WiFi

Businesses which give away passwords for their WiFi are putting their data at risk and should set up a separate guest WiFi network as soon as possible. Amplespot not only enables using guest WiFi to engage and market business to customers, but also separates business and guest WiFi networks, protecting your data and EPOS systems.

The Digital Economy Act targets online copyright infringement by end users, covering illegal or inappropriate downloading and file sharing. Amplespot helps you to prove that you have taken steps to try to prevent copyright infringement, as users have to both register and accept terms and conditions which cover inappropriate use. Content filtering is also available as an additional feature.

There are also various obligations of being a public WiFi provider, which may vary slightly country by country across the globe.

Data protection

To ensure personal data shared through guest WiFi is handled properly, Amplespot complies with local privacy regulations and allows for customized opt-in policies. Giving you peace of mind knowing your customers’ information is kept safe and secure.


Amplespot strives to provide best and most feature-reach WiFi. Saying that you can further enhance you Amplespot WiFi with third party tools from Google, to MailChimp, Facebook, FullContact and more.

 Email & Social Media Marketing with MailChimp®

It takes only a few clicks to connect your Amplespot and MailChimp accounts. Once integration is in place Amplespot will seamlessly create qualified and clean mailing lists from your WiFi customer identities. Automated marketing responses to the visit reinforces brand and leave email trail so guests can find you again.

Key Benefits
  • Effortlessly create mailing lists from WiFi visits
  • Segment customers by fist or last login date and time
  • Segment customers by loyalty and total time of stay
  • Segment customers by login locations
  • Use full power of MailChimp to create reach marketing emails
  • Create scheduled and triggered email campaigns

 Google Analytics for physical spaces

If you already use or want to start using Google Analytics to gather valuable data about your business, you can now extend its use to the real world. Single switch in Amplespot WiFi portal inserts your own Google Analytics tag into every Splash Page giving you great overview of your user's WiFi journeys.

Even better, you can cross-section your offline and online visitors gathering valuable insight on how customers interact with your brand in both online and offline worlds.

Key Benefits
  • Use full power of Google Analytics in physical world
  • Link in-store and online customer profiles
  • Target in-store customers in via Google Display Network campaigns
  • Enable digital advertisers to gather view of in-store customers and transactions
  • Link Amplespot online Coupons with Online purchases

 Customer profile enrichment with FullContact

Customers can login to Amplespot powered WiFi via variety of methods including their Email, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn details. Some login options will leave you with their email only, others will also provide name but some (like LinkedIn for example) will only deliver their LinkedIn profile severely limiting ways how you can re-target and analyze your customers.

Amplespot teamed with a service called FullContact enrich data which is collected when customer logs in to your WiFi. Additional information may include demographics, interests, multiple social profiles, even home location and job title.

Key Benefits
  • Enrich data collected on your customers.
  • Collect multiple social profiles per customer with requiring only one for login
  • Get granular interests and demographics data
  • Use enriched customer data to create targeted marketing campaigns via "enriched" social media

 Access 500+ more Integrations via Zapier

Zapier enables you to connect your Amplespot WiFi with many other apps and services such as Salesforce, Autopilot, Slack, MailChimp, Google Sheets, Twilio, Facebook Ads, Sugar CRM Constant Contact, Insightly, Campaign Monitor and many more.

For example, you can use Zapier to automatically create new customer lead in your account Salesforce or Autopilot once customer logs in to your WiFi. We will then automatically update this customer's entry with last login date and time as well as total stay and number of visits, all in real time, enabling to target customers at right time and place via tools you already use and love.

Key Benefits
  • Connect Amplespot to your favorite Apps without need of development
  • Push WiFi customers data to 500+ applications we do not have direct integration with yet
  • Automate your work-flows for example you can schedule an email to be send yourself when an important customer is in store

We are working to integrate more Apps with Amplespot and building great Amplespot API. We will update all our customers with new developments as they happen, sign up to Amplespot to stay updated.
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