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All SMS messages that are send as part of WiFi login process, ID verification or marketing communication are charged in accordance with the sms price list.
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Common Questions

What are the Zones?

Zones break up WiFi service into areas by logical or physical location. For example, a hotel may create one Zone for the lobby and another Zone the rooms. Multiple Zones may share same WiFi network name.

What is the Customer Data Enrichment?

Every time new visitor connects to your WiFi we look up their details via our identity providers. The result is available to you and may include their social profiles, emails, demographics, interests, home country and more.

Is there a limit on the number of locations?

There is no limit on the number of locations where you can use your licenses. You can use Amplespot WiFi in as many locations as you like providing you have enough device licenses for all your Access Points.

What are the Active Marketing Contacts?

Active Marketing Contacts are leads and customers who you contacted via email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Line using Amplespot Messaging platform during the billing month. You can send an unlimited number of messages to your Active Marketing Contacts.

What are the Coupons?

With coupons, you can create promotional campaigns, which are displayed on WiFi login and/or send to visitors via email, SMS messenger app based their profile.

What are the Integrations?

Integrations enable you to synchronize data in your Amplespot account with other Apps and Services you may use. For example, you can automatically sync your visitor's profiles including their total stay and number of visits to MailChimp or Salesforce.

How long is the Contract?

All contracts (subscriptions) are 30 days long. If you are not on trial, you will be charged for any services (plans, access points, zones etc) added to your account during the month you canceled.

What Support do I get?

Basic support includes help via email & chat. Standard and Advanced support includes phone and on-site help. It can be purchased separately and will be directly provided by a trained Amplespot Partner.