Your customers have three basic necessities: Air, Water and WiFi

Find out how you can benefit from Amplespot in your industry

Amplespot is designed to fulfill requirements any business - from independent coffee shop to Hotel Chain, Airport, School or Cruise Ship. Learn how some of the verticals benefit from use of our solutions and get in touch if you need help getting started.

Leverage Guest WiFi to keep guests coming back and help boost reviews.
Increase orders by making customers come more often and stay longer.
Collect data on visitors and guests such as profiles, interests and origins.
Promote products and offers on WiFi login pages and push Coupons.
Increase revenue trough offering Guest WiFi to existing customer base.
Improve customer experience, push ads, offers and safety alerts.
Capture visitor info, create revenue streams via ads and sponsorships.
Keep up with growing device base while keeping costs under control.
Provide family friendly WiFi, grow revenue via targeted advertising.
Profile guests and offer promotions on WiFi login pages in leisure areas.
Increase social coverage, sell more refreshments and follow up via email.

Transportation (soon)

Improve customer experience while gaining new outlet to push ads.
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